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What to Watch: The Best Movies on Hulu Right Now

  Published : 09 Apr, 2024
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Top 10 Best Movies On Hulu

When Hulu first launched in 2007, it was primarily a location where people could watch amusing movies occasionally and catch up on NBC Universal content. However, the service has evolved into one of the most varied and cautious streamers in the years that have passed.

The best movies on Hulu original films have also gained some respect. Still, its extensive back catalog of pictures is a formidable force (someone on the acquisitions crew has a passion for obscure, old cinema).

There is truly something for every mood and taste on Hulu, from its fantastic content (we're looking at you, Rye Lane) to debuts from film festivals (hello, Sanctuary) and contemporary faves (Mr. & Mrs. Smith).

No One Will Save You

Although there is never a shortage of home invasion thrillers, the truly good ones are difficult to find. As seamstress Brynn Adams, who lives alone in her childhood home and is grieving the loss of her mother and best friend, Kaitlyn Dever excels and once again demonstrates her ability to carry a whole movie, which turns it to best movies on Hulu.

One night, she wakes up to find someone in her house, and it turns out that someone is something. No One Will Save You is a worthwhile 93 minutes, even though it may not have been on your must-watch Bingo card as an extraterrestrial house invasion thriller. To get amazing deals on this show, visit clicky voucher coupon codes.


After being bitten by a tick, children's fashion designer Christine (Eva Green) developed a crippling but undetected illness. When Diana (Chai Fonacier), a nanny and maid with healing abilities, shows in, she finds relief in various ways.

Felix, Christine's husband (Mark Strong), is wary of Diana's overly helpful behavior, and it turns out that he has good reason to be. Although Nocebo is a sociological commentary on the fashion industry, it works better as a spooky psychological thriller with unsettling close-ups that give the impression that the walls are closing in.

Miguel Wants to Fight

Tyler Dean Flores plays Miguel, a 17-year-old who has never engaged in combat. He, therefore, enlists the aid of his friends to help him get into his first fistfight after learning that he will be moving away from the location and people he has known his entire life. That’s what makes it one of the best movies on Hulu.

Although it's not the first rite that comes to mind when one reaches adulthood, it is undoubtedly one of them. Cowritten by Shea Serrano and Jason Concepcion, this comedy is incredibly entertaining thanks to a gifted group of young actors.

Bad Axe

David Siev follows his family's journey from the Cambodian Killing Fields to the small, predominately white hamlet of Bad Axe, Michigan, painting a highly personal picture of the American Dream derailed along the way.

This poignant video, shot in real-time, depicts the difficulties the Siev family and their restaurant face amid political unrest and anti-Asian attitudes during the COVID-19 outbreak.


After his father, a hotel magnate, passes away, Hal Porterfield (Christopher Abbott) recently receives the keys to the castle. A dominatrix named Rebecca Marin (Margaret Qualley) feels she should get half of the money and some of the credit that comes with Hal being the new CEO. Seldom have sexual politics been so bizarre or darkly humorous as they are in Zachary Wigon's captivating and frequently confining thriller.


As Austria's Empress Elisabeth, Vicky Krieps gives another outstanding performance. After turning forty, Elisabeth yearns to return to her childhood independence. Empress Elisabeth is real, but the narrative of this fictional biopic, written and directed by Marie Kreutzer, takes several artistic licenses.

Despite her position, the princess rebels against her lack of ability to truly effect change. More importantly, it centers on a woman who will stop at nothing to maintain the authority that comes with being young and attractive.

How to Blow Up a Pipeline

Daniel Goldhaber's thriller, which combines elements of environmentalism and heist filmmaking, centers on a group of young people who attempt to reveal the vulnerability of the oil business, as the title suggests.

It's rare to find an adrenaline-pumping film that simultaneously explores the struggle against the climate catastrophe, but in this case, the two combine flawlessly. (You can partially credit Tehillah de Castro, the cinematographer, for that.) How to Blow Up a Pipeline is a brilliant, foresighted, and almost unheard-of book that is well worth the read.

Rye Lane

Raine Allen-Miller's whimsical take on the standard rom-com, her directorial debut, created waves at Sundance. Twentysomethings Yas (Vivian Oparah) and Dom (David Jonsson) are still shocked by their recent breakups.

Following a chance—and perhaps uncomfortable—first encounter, the two spend a day exploring South London, connecting over their common experience, coming up with witty ways to move over the pain of their past relationships, and perhaps even realizing that romance is still alive and well.

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