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Top 20 Best Last-Minute Mother Day Gift Ideas

  Published : 10 May, 2024
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Explore 20 Best Last-Minute Mother Day Gift Ideas

As we all know, Mother's Day is just around the corner, and again this year, you may have forgotten to select the perfect gift for your mom. But don't worry! We have created a list of 20 best Mother Day gift ideas to save you from the stress of last-minute gift selection. So, pick the gift that will make your mom's day special, light up her eyes, and show her how much you admire her.

The gifts in our list are extremely versatile and can be given to first-time moms needing well-deserved relaxation, doting grandmas, or even to your beloved mothers-in-law. No matter who you're shopping for, you can be confident that these gifts will be a hit.

No matter your budget, we've sourced various sweet gifts that won't break the bank and a few luxurious finds worth the splurge. Whether you are looking for farm-fresh flowers or an elegant piece of jewellery from Swarovski, we have added all those items to the list. Rest assured, you can find a gift that fits your budget. For more budget-friendly offers, visit Clicky vouchers and save huge.

Most items are super pocket-friendly and exude elegance without the hefty price tag. Remember to add a heartfelt Mother's Day card to complete the gesture.

How many days until Mother's day?

Only two days are left until Mother's Day, the second Sunday in May. This year, it will be on the 12th of May. You must be wondering what to gift your mother, but you are out of time as it is just around the corner. We have got you covered. Scroll down to see the 20 Last-Minute Mother's Day Gift Ideas!

20 Mother Day Gift Ideas

1- An Elegant Piece of Jewelry- Swarovski

Who wouldn't admire an elegant piece of jewelry, and that too from Swarovski? Absolutely no one! It is one of the perfect Mother’s Day gift ideas to spark a special day with stunning Swarovski jewelry. Whether you need a bracelet, necklace, or elegant necklace, Swarovski Mother’s Day sales have it.

Additionally, pair Harry and David chocolate covered cherries with your Mother’s Day necklace, making it a perfect duo for your Mother’s Day gift.

Top Pick:

Swarovski Matrix Hoops

Price:  $101.29 (on Amazon)

2- An Ana Luisa Gift Card

If your mom is an Ana Luisa fan or just admires premium jewelry, another option we have brought you is an Ana Luisa gift card. This can be one of the wonderful Mother Day gift ideas, and from where your mom can select the jewelry of her liking. She can choose her favourite jewellery from Ana Luisa's Mother's Day collection, or you can just choose something for her on a special day.

Top Pick:

Diamond Gift Set

Price: $229

3- A Gift Card

You must have heard your mam talking about a trip to her place for a long time, so what day is better than Mother’s Day? Whether she longs for a trip with family or wants a girl's getaway, a gift card from would be an ideal choice. These gift cards are suitable for booking flights, hotels, attractions, tickets, etc. So when she is having a Mother’s Day out while on a trip, she can avail of all her attraction tickets using the gift card.

4- Recipe Journal

If your Mom loves to cook and writes all her delicious recipes in a boring old journal, you must gift her a recipe journal. Your Mom can create a personal cookbook by journaling her signature dishes or making one with you.

Kunitsa Co offers classic recipe journals and the option to gift wrap them, making them perfect Mother’s Day gifts.

Kunitsa Co
Price: $25

5- Traditional watch

Surprise your mom with a luxury watch this Mother's Day. We have selected two well-known brands. You can choose your favourite watch from Fossil or Citizen. Both brands have a live Mother's Day sale on their online platforms. The brand presents a variety of styles, from leather to vintage, that she'll adore.

Top Pick From Fossil:

1- Jacqueline Three-Hand Date Blush Leather Watch

Price: $130.00

Top Pick From Citizen:

2- Corso Diamond

Price: $460

6- CHI- Spin n Curl

The CHI spin n curl iron can be perfect for a Mother’s Day gift. Especially if your mom loves to curl her hair but sometimes struggles. This CHI “spin n curl” can save her ample time with flawless curls.

CHI- Spin n Curl

Price: $76.49 (current price on Amazon)

7- Noise-Cancelling Headset- TOZO HT2

Investing in these headphones might be worth it if your Mother often needs peace and space to meditate. They deliver a balanced and fluent sound, and the khaki colour is particularly nice. So, get this TOZO HT2 headset, and make her Mother's Day special.

Price: $49.99 (current price on Amazon)

8- A Chanel Perfume

If your mother doesn't own a Chanel perfume or if her current one has emptied, consider gifting her a new scent from Chanel with an ambery, fruity, or floral fragrance.

Top Pick:


Price: $172

9- Gucci Shoulder Bag

No one can say no to a classic and bougie GG Marmont shoulder bag, especially Moms. So what better way to gift her the GG Marmont than on Mother's Day? Gift her the bag so she can slay her bag on her lunch and dinner date.

GG Marmont shoulder bag

Price: $ 2,590

10- ingarden Microgreens Growing Kit

The ingarden Microgreens Growing Kit might be the most attractive smart garden we've encountered and is impossibly easy to use. Thus, if your mom loves cooking, she would love this, too, as this is perfect for garnishing.

ingarden Microgreens Growing Kit
Price: $129.99 (current price on Amazon)

11- Jewelled Wine Glasses

If your mom loves collecting antique vine glasses, we have a unique option to gift her this handmade jewelled wine glass from The Queen’s Jewel. She would want to have her drink in these exquisite wine glasses.

Top Pick:

Jeweled Flamingo Wine Glass

Price: $29.95

12- Travel Jewelry Organizer

If she loves to travel, she can keep all her small items organized in a compact carrying case. This synthetic leather case comes in seven different colours and has dividers so she can store her jewellery without missing an earring in her messy Bag.

Travel Jewelry Organizer

Price: $7.99 (on Amazon)

13- Custom Engraved Cookbook Stand

Another operational and mother's favourite item is a cookbook stand with an option for a custom-engraved one. You can engrave her name on it with a fun quote or one of her delicious recipes; options are generous.

Custom Engraved Cookbook Stand

Price: $19.97 (on Amazon)

14- Yankee Scented Candles

Grab the auspicious occasion of the Mother's Day sale on Yankee and buy your mom a bundle of scent candles. She would love the musky, floral scents in her home and house, making her ordinary days scented-ful.

Top Pick:

Peaceful Lavender & Sea Salt

Price: $15

15- Pillow Cloud Slippers

When talking about comfortable yet stylish slippers, eQUICK cloud slides are the perfect option. The sides come in an array of stunning shades that you can lect from. So, if comfort is her top priority, these slides will make her feel like she is walking on the clouds.

eQUICK cloud slides
Price: $25

16- Make her breakfast

Show your love for Mom uniquely by spilling out 'I love you' with cinnamon sugar on toast. Even a simple bowl of cereal can feel special when made with love. For an added touch of refinement, place some fruit on the bottom and make hearts on top of the yogurt to make it a wholesome breakfast-in-bed option for her.

17- A spa day

On the special occasion of Mother's Day, take her to a classic spa, perfect for her to chill and relax after tiring days. Nothing is more special than getting head-and-back messages to release tension.

18- Renpho Foot Massager

A Mother is constantly on the move, walking back and forth and sometimes even forgetting her keys. She could use a foot massage for those tired legs. A massager like Renpho, compact electric with heat, is the perfect solution. It will provide her with a relaxing massage anytime she wants.

Renpho Foot Massager

Price: $114.98 (on Amazon)

19- Robo vacuum

Using a robot vacuum to clean the house can help busy moms juggle multiple tasks, such as caring for children. So, a robot vacuum could make an excellent Mother Day gift idea as it is time-saving and does not require manual labour. You can even relish a mug of coffee while it sweeps the house.

The best yet affordable on Amazon:

eufy RoboVac 25C Robot Vacuum

Price: $99.99

20- COSRX All About Snail Korean Skincare

If your mother struggles to keep up with her skincare routine but enjoys luxury products, this set from Cosrx would make a great addition to her travel kit. Although the Korean brand is listed at a very hefty price, Amazon's sales will keep the bank strong.

COSRX All About Snail Korean Skincare
Price: $20.19

Lastly, along with these gifts, make sure to combine them with Mother's Day cards and add fresh flowers to make them even more worthwhile for Mother's Day.

That's it! Here is our suggested Mother’s Day gift list of the top 20 Mother's Day Gift Ideas to help you decide which gift to get for her.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What should I gift my mom on mother's Day?

Take guidance from our curated list of the Top 20 Best Last-Minute Mother's Day Gift Ideas to give your mom on Mother's Day. Apart from these, Little sleepies mother's Day collection has amazing matching sets for Mother's Day, especially if you are a new mom. You can grab matching sets so she can twin with her kids.

What is the most common gift for mother’s Day?

The most common and favorites Mother's Day gift is premium-quality jewellery. If you don't know, the Swarovski Mother's Day sale is now live on their online platform. Remember to select sterling jewelry from their wide range.

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