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My Dogs Can’t Stop Eating Fresh Dog Food from Chewy

  Published : 22 Jan, 2024
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Chewy is an Essential Online Store for Anything Related to Pet Supplies

My journey to move away from ventures and kibbles into fresh-made food started when Murphy began having dental issues. After losing her teeth, I went on a search to find her healthy and hygienic alternatives that were filled with complete nutrition and were also gentle on her teeth. I tried everything, from frozen meals to wet canned foods in the freezer section to cooking from scratch at home, and then came across freshly made dog food delivered to my doorstep. Murphy, my chihuahua, is as gentle as it gets. She eats pretty much anything and everything you give her.

On the other hand, Teddy, my maltipoo, is the pickiest pup on the planet. She sniffs out literally everything, and if it doesn't smell good, she turns her head away and walks the other way—so she would rather starve, and I'm not kidding. So, finding the perfect fresh food for Teddy meant that Murphy had to like it, too. Hence, I've had many more failures than wins. In searching for our favorite food over the past year, we've tried many brands, including chewy dog products.

What I loved most about Chewy

The Plentiful Picks

When you have a picky dog like Teddy, having many choices makes all the difference. Chewy candy is everything a picky pet parent can ask for.

From various protein choices, chewy candy, chewy bars, and a chewy spree to unique recipes to support dogs with different physical illnesses and customized diet options for our dogs with specific needs. Having various choices is a big plus because, like I said, I have a picky eater named Teddy.

Affordable Prices in Town

Chewy is passionate about making fresh dog food in the form of chewy candy and chewy bars affordable with its mission-based pricing. It is far more affordable than other fresh food brands.

The lower prices allow many pups to access a variety of food made with whole food ingredients—including chewy peanut butter cookies. As one who has tried multiple fresh food brands, I can say that Chewy is the cheapest. The Chewy dog products are affordable, so rest assured that you will get Canada pet care coupon and Chewy promo codes that work.

To give your perspective, the lowest I've invested is around $25 a week for each pup, and the highest I paid is around $33 per week for each dog. With Chewy, it costs around $15.75 per week for Murphy and around $9.45 per week for Teddy (costs can vary between recipes)—that's significantly lower for both dogs combined. After seeing how Murphy and Teddy ate up every little pebble of chewy candy and chewy bars of food off their bowls, I bought another for a month for both pups. The price range is better than any brand I've tried, and the dogs love it, especially Teddy.

The Comfort is Second to None.

If you're like me, comfort is sometimes more important than the price—as long as the price isn't outrageous. Chewy is available on delivery, but you can also pick it up at one of their open-to-the-public kitchens in California or even better.

If you are a Clicky voucher shopper, you can also shop for your Chewy candy and Chewy bars there, getting Chewy coupons, Chewy gift cards, Chewy promo codes, and many others. Getting your bars and candy is as easy to give as it gets wherever you live. The convenience is unbeatable.

What I Don’t Like About Chewy

The Pups Seem Hungrier Than Usual

Teddy and Murphy eat the recommended size of chewy candy based on their weight and activity level, but they still look hungry. I'm not sure if they like the food so much, if they want more, or if they are starving.

Murphy always wants more food, so I have to look at Teddy as an indicator to determine if she and Murphy are both hungry—when Teddy is done with her food, she'll generally walk away.

Difficulty Choosing Recipes that Go into the Variety of Packs

I'm a fan of variety packs at Chewy, as you get to sample as many foods as possible to know what is good for your dog. Chewy bars and Chewy candy come with White Rice and Chicken, Sweet Potato and Fish, Whole Wheat and Turkey, Russet Potato and Beef, Brown Rice and Lamb, and Squash and Venison. Since I know Teddy hates anything that smells like fish, I can provide a substitute for the sweet potato and fish recipe.

Also, if my dog needs any dietary support, it would be nice if Chewy added the Balanced Remedy in chewy candy or the Skin Support and Joint for an added cost. Although the variety packs are an excellent option, having the ability to customize them is even better.


Chewy candy and chewy bars are the most hygienic yet tasty products I have ever had! You can also avail yourself of exciting deals and discounts from cClickyvouchers. For further details on deals and promos, you might search for the perfect presents for your pets with a chewy promo code.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where does Chewy ship from?

We ship via FedEx and other premium carriers to provide the most reliable and fastest service.

Where to buy pretty litter?

You can buy it by visiting our official website, pretty little.

What is the Chewy return policy?

Our return policy is worry-free and straightforward. If unsatisfied with our pet's food and supplies, you can return them within 365 days of shopping. Please message us with your order number if you want a replacement or return.

What is the most popular product other than chewy candy?

Chewy cat treats are also the most in-demand product of chewy. If you don't like this brand, check out the Barkbox super chewer your pup loves.

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